Daily Message ~ Friday February 1, 2013

Human beings spend an incredible amount of time distracting themselves with mindless chatter, worry, and things they have no control over.  Stopping all that mental noise is extremely difficult for the enlightening human being, as is being fully present in the Now.  Rather than trying to force yourself into open awareness, which is frustrating and rarely successful, a wonderful way to naturally assist yourself into that state is doing activities you find joyful.  Have you ever noticed how, when you are doing an activity you find very enjoyable, you lose track of time?  That is because you have shifted into a higher vibratory rate, into a higher dimension, if you will.  While following your passion, you will find the chatter stills.  You will automatically be not just present, you will be embracing being present in the Now.  It is when you have filled your day with activities that do not inspire you that you will start wishing your life away and allowing your mind to run rampant.  This is yet another reason why following the path of joy is what your soul yearns to do and why it is such a pivotal part of the enlightenment process. ~Archangel Gabriel

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