Daily Message ~ Friday February 14, 2014

On this day, when your thoughts turn to love, many people who have yet to find a love relationship that honours them, may be tempted to feel despair, wondering if they will ever meet that perfect partner. If you are looking for an external to make you whole, or focusing upon lack, this day may seem cruel, and you may feel lonely and sad.

Dear Ones, one of the questions we get asked most often is, “When will I find unconditional love?” The answer to that question, always, is when you can love yourself unconditionally. Do you love yourself? Do you make choices that honour yourself? Do you hold the traits you seek? Are you open to love, or are you guarded, waiting for some magical love to show up and prove itself to you? Waiting for such an eventuality will never prove fruitful, as you can never draw to you what you do not hold.

You do not need another person to experience love on this day! You ARE love. The only one who can pinch you off from the experience of it is you. You are part of the wellspring of unconditional love that is Source energy. Open your heart up in acceptance and feel that love fill you and surround you! Take this day that celebrates love as a day to open up to it and let it flow through you and spread it everywhere you go! Then, commit to being the best date you’ve ever had for yourself, and wrap yourself up in the energies of unconditional love that have always been yours to tap into.

Pamper yourself. Treat yourself! Fall madly, head over heels in love with the glory that is you, and by doing so, you will be so filled with the energy of love, you will only be able to draw even more of it into your life, forevermore. ~Archangel Gabriel

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