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Daily Message ~ Friday February 16, 2018

Dear Ones, it is very difficult for you to remember and apply what you know from a place that is out of balance and out of alignment. Much like you can’t hear a radio station if you aren’t tuned into the channel properly, you can’t hear your own wisdom, inner knowingness, and guidance systems through the static of being out of your highest energetic alignment.

So we urge you to understand that you can’t create solutions or peace for yourselves if you aren’t in a place that supports it. What we are saying is if you are faced with any challenge, get yourself into whatever puts you into your alignment that allows you to see things in a clearer, more empowered way before you start making decisions or taking action.

It may be driving in the car, taking a bath or being near a body of water (water is always a great amplifier of energy), walking in nature, meditation, simply sitting with yourself with an intention to connect, moving your body in a way that feels good to you, asking your guides to lead you, doing an activity you love, or simply practicing gratitude.

Experiment! Find what helps you consistently get into a place of greater stillness and peace. It doesn’t matter what the activity itself is, just that it helps you get into a better feeling energetic alignment.

A sign that you have found it is you will generally experience time distortion when you have found an alignment that works for you. Time distortion (the experience of being surprised that you have been at an activity for a long time when it has felt like hardly any time has passed at all) is always an indicator you have shifted into a higher energetic space, as higher vibrating energies are not experienced in a linear way.

Another helpful thing you can do is write your out of balance self a letter when you are in alignment, reminding yourself what you know. So if you have an old disempowering belief system you tend to slide back into, write a letter to yourself reminding yourself that it is no longer true for you and why. And make sure you take the time to read the letter if you find yourself struggling with the same old issue!

So, if you do find yourself in an uncomfortable place, we urge you to be kind and gentle with yourselves. Don’t blame or chastise yourself. Honour your feelings and then love yourself enough to get into a better feeling space where you can better access all the wonderful and empowering knowledge you have gathered along your enlightenment journey. From there you will be much better able to find the solutions you seek, and get back into the flow of embracing your authentic power and ability to grow, evolve, and create in a much more empowered way. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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