graduates celebrating trinity esoterics

Daily Message ~ Friday February 18, 2022

Dear Ones, many of you are afraid to fully commit to the life of your dreams. This fear was created from the results of unconscious creation.

When you are fully conscious of what you are choosing, working from a space of integrity, and following your higher guidance, you cannot make a mistake. In fact, from that space you give yourself every chance to fully succeed in ways that will only surprise and delight you.

You are ready to start living fully and to assume the role of empowered co-creator. Be clear and congruent and make choices that are in line with what you truly wish to experience and you will be surprised how quickly you will move into the discovery of where your soul has been trying to lead you all along. These are the times you have been waiting for. We urge you not to limit yourselves through old habits that no longer apply. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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