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Daily Message ~ Friday February 22, 2019

We invite you to remember a time when, as you look back, you see how every single element came together to give you a perfect result. It might have been when you suddenly felt drawn to buy a lottery ticket and won. It might have been showing up at the exact moment that allowed you to meet someone who ended up having a profound impact on your life. Or it may have been a time when you were delayed, only to discover had you been on time you would have been involved in an accident.

These events are not rare, in fact, they are exactly how your life unfolds all the time, just some events are more recognizable than others. We wish for you to know that this is exactly what is happening in your life right now. As you read this the universe is orchestrating your next great alignment, your next important intersection, your next wonderful surprise. Your job is to simply follow the flow and accept the timing, which is always, always divinely perfect for your highest outcome. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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