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Daily Message ~ Friday February 25, 2022

The energy of war is not an energetic match to your planet any longer. Nor is the energy of division and hate. While these energies might have been satisfying to some in the past, they will no longer give the results those who play in those energies are looking for.

Dear Ones, choose peace. Choose peace within yourselves. Make peaceful choices. Seek activities that give you peace or bring the energy of peace to others. Look for what connects you to others, the common denominators the exist between you all. Be the anchors and the beacons. Send your highest intentions through peace grids and see them cradling your planet with love and healing.

The greatest way to diffuse 3D power grabs is by staying firmly grounded and connected in your 5D empowerment. You’ve heard it before but we will say it again. Love always wins. The light always wins. And the peaceful shall inherit the earth. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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