Daily Message ~ Friday February 26, 2016

Dear Ones, know you are creating one Now moment at a time. In accelerated energies, everything is in a state of flux. What brought you comfort one day, might not the next. What helped you align one day, might not the next. What your body craved one day, it might not want at all the next. This is all normal and indicative of the vast changes that are happening, both internally and externally.

While we understand this may seem frustrating to you, we would like you to realize this is a tangible sign of change and progress. It is proof you are profoundly shifting, often as rapidly as day to day!

This also encourages you to lead yourself intuitively and by your heart. It keeps you present and aware, choosing what supports you in any given moment. This is helping you learn mastery with the flow and how to move willingly with a shifting planet. How wonderful that you have reached this stage of moment to moment, conscious co-creation with the universe! ~Archangel Gabriel

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