Daily Message ~ Friday February 5, 2016

Self love is an essential aspect for many reasons. It allows you to heal, to integrate, to bloom, and to accept. Today we wish to focus on the acceptance piece.

How many times do you deny when the universe brings something to you? How many times do you say, “No, I’m good thanks”, when someone offers to assist? How many times do you shut out love from others because you are afraid it will cost you something in the long run. How many times do you choose to go it alone, rather than “disturbing” someone, your spirit guides and helpers included?

When you feel you aren’t good enough, you are denying yourself of your own love and care, which will also translate into denying external assistance as well. Conversely, the more you can move into loving and accepting yourself as the lovely, divinely perfect being you are, you will become much more comfortable with accepting love and acceptance from others. As always, you create the foundation within yourself which can then be built upon externally.

Isn’t it time, Dear Ones? Isn’t it time to stop denying yourselves and isolating yourselves with thoughts and ideas that are simply not true? Isn’t it time to make the quantum shift to love yourself, to accept yourself, as the vital first step to the support and love you deserve? Isn’t it time to start to live by choosing to see the innate goodness within yourself, which will allow you to then see and experience the innate goodness of others?

Can you see how love and acceptance is what will create the cohesive bonds of wholeness and unity consciousness, both inwardly and outwardly? The beautiful thing is you have the ability to make that choice whenever you like. Our greatest wish for you is that you will make that choice for yourself right now. ~Archangel Gabriel

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