Daily Message ~ Friday January 1, 2016

Dear Ones, you have done it! You have come through a year that has energetically shifted you more than any other time on your planet. You have cleansed and purged and have also become accustomed to very fast moving energies. What you have accomplished is absolutely remarkable! What this now allows you to do is to start 2016 from a platform – a golden platform of light – that allows you a higher vantage point than you have ever had to operate from before. This will allow you to see things from a whole new perspective, to see into what life looks like in these new energies, and to create beyond what you could have ever imagined possible. So we commend you and congratulate you on all that you have done, and what you are now set up to do, which is to navigate your life lovingly, mindfully, compassionately and passionately, as you move into the next phase of this grand adventure you are on called life. ~Archangel Gabriel

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