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Daily Message ~ Friday January 14, 2022

Today we would like to talk about an energy healing capability many of you don’t realize you have. We call it compassion hands. There are some energy healers who use brief, gentle touch to comfort and soothe those in need. They instinctively reach out and rub a back, pat a shoulder, touch an arm, or use any other small, supportive contact in order to give others an infusion of compassionate energy. Most often people with compassion hands don’t even realize they are energy healers because it feels so natural to them, but let us assure you, their service is beautiful and impactful, and a gift of the energies of the divine. This is just another example of how many of you are being of service just being you and don’t even realize the difference you are making. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Shelley’s Note: One of the things I get asked most often in private sessions is, how am I blocked? Much to my surprise I received an entirely new journeying system over the last few weeks of 2021 that helps people identify where they are blocked, release that blockage, anchor new preferences, integrate healing, and connect with brand new potentials and possibilities. I have test driven it on many people and it is creating some really wonderful shifts and new ways of being. People are reporting they feel more comfortable in their bodies, more expansive, more empowered, and energetically shifted into a new alignment. I am offering these one on one sessions at an introductory rate of $149 USD. If you are interested in booking please email me at

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