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Daily Message ~ Friday January 17, 2020

What one simple action can you take today that would bring you closer to what you wish to experience? It does not need to be grandiose. It can be researching options. It might be deciding that you are ready to receive and showing that by starting to put your needs first. It could be setting aside some time with yourself to really get clear about what you want.

Perhaps it is setting new broader intentions and surrendering into them, also known as casting your net wider. It might be asking to be shown what the next steps are to move forward in that direction and following the bumps and nudges.

Taking any of these steps loudly announces that you are ready to start to move towards that dream now. It indicates that you are willing to enter into the unfoldment that leads to the alignment with that experience. It shows you are a fully cooperating member of your co-creation team.

It is a profound act of empowerment because having your actions match your intentions immediately shifts the energy and creates new possibilities and potentials. What are you ready to stop wishing for and start actively creating? ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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