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Daily Message ~ Friday January 18, 2019

As many of you have a focus of creating vibrant health for yourselves, we wish to discuss the vibrational state of food with you today.

One of the reasons modern food has become far less sustaining than ever before is the lack of love that has gone into its preparation. As food started to be mass produced it became more of a business of profit and the vibration of the food changed to reflect that shift. It is the same with fast food – it is food prepared to meet the criteria of speed and convenience, but is lacking the energy of love.

When things are mass produced they can often come with the energetic stamp of indifference. If the worker really didn’t want to be there, it can hold the energy of resentment or that the preparation of it was a chore.

In older times food was grown with purpose and prepared with love. That, combined with the practice of blessing the food or saying grace before a meal, resulted in food being presented not only with the intention of it sustaining everyone, but it held a higher vibration, regardless of what the food was due to its handling and presentation. It was also used as a tool for connection, which further supported its loving vibration.

So as you move forward in your desire to love and support yourselves and the ones you love, we urge you to make love the main ingredient of your food. Grow your own food with love or choose to buy food that was grown with care and responsibility. Cook with love and the intention for connection. Thank your food. Bless your food and those who provided it for you.

Before you eat, ask if the choice you are making is loving to you and your body. Ask your body what it needs and be sure to give it to it. And, if you cannot access food that you feel is made with love for whatever reason, infuse it with your own love knowing that your blessing of it will create a vibrational change that makes it far better for you. There is nothing that will make your cells shimmer more vibrantly than the ingestion of food that holds the energy of love. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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