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Daily Message ~ Friday January 7, 2022

The belief that money is power is prevalent on your planet, and that is true from a 3D standpoint. Many of you, as agents of change, have been rejecting the old power structures, and from doing so have also been subconsciously rejecting money. What we want you to understand is that as your relationship with power shifts from the old ways of separating power into the new ways of unifying empowerment, so will your relationship with money. From your new place of unity consciousness and empowerment, you will find it easier to embrace a more balanced flow of both giving and receiving, and that includes allowing the flow of money and other forms of abundance.

Just as you can have a conscious relationship with power, you can also have a more conscious relationship with money. We would even go so far as to say once you have one, you have the other. So at their core, money problems aren’t really money problems, they are power issues and it likely stems from you having a fear of either falling into ego, becoming like those you consider to be unevolved, a fear of being judged, a fear of owing another, a fear of responsibility, an unhealed belief system that money is the source of all evil, or some other disempowering or separating belief. All of these issues heal as you evolve beyond 3D power structures into 5D empowerment, and as they do your issues with money will naturally heal as well.

As you’ve been peeling back the layers to discover your true essence, you’ve also been peeling away the layers that kept you from experiencing your authentic wealth and your inherent ability to co-create. What we want you to understand is as you step into your authentic power all things shift, and that will open the door to ease with abundance, which ultimately is simply allowing yourself to acknowledge what has always been yours all along. Do you see? Authentic power will naturally lead you to authentic abundance if you allow it and it is safe to embrace both. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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