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Daily Message ~ Friday July 1, 2022

As your own wise guide, it can be helpful to use mindful speak with yourself as you navigate the elements of your spiritual journey. Words are so important and carry very specific energy. Finding the language that allows you to move forward into your expansion with the least amount of resistance can make a profound difference.

For example, you may feel resistance towards the word power but feel perfectly comfortable with the word empowerment. You might find yourself challenged by the concept of surrender but be happy to allow yourself higher guidance. You might consider growth a painful, arduous process but think the idea of unfoldment is lovely. You might dig in your heels at the idea of change yet embrace the idea of rebirth.

Pay attention to where you find yourself balking at your evolutionary journey and explore what words trigger that resistance in you. Then start to play with new words that you can substitute for the original until you find one that is easy for you to embrace. This is the key to shifting onto a path you can feel truly excited about that still matches your highest intentions but allows you to move forward with much more comfort and ease. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Hey everyone! I actually decided to extend my vacation a little bit so I’ll be taking July 4th to the 14th off. That means the last daily message will be on Friday July 1…they will resume again on the 15th. I will be checking my email daily, though, so you can still book sessions for when I return. Thanks for understanding, I’m really looking forward to having a little time off for some R & R!

PS. If you are missing the daily messages while I’m away, why not take the time to go explore my website There are hundreds of daily messages you can read there as well as full length channels. You can even search for messages on certain topics by clicking the magnifying glass at the top right corner of the page and then putting the key words in the search bar that will appear at the top of the page. There’s tons of content there that should hold you over until I’m back and it’s all completely free. I hope you enjoy it!

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