Daily Message ~ Friday July 11, 2014

So many of you want to change your lives but are fearful of getting it wrong, so you do nothing. We love you for your tender, mindful hearts! Let us put your mind at rest on this topic.

The way to empowered change is through surrender and flow. It is absolutely impossible to get surrender and flow wrong. It cannot be done! You see, even if you surrendered in a direction that is completely opposite of your highest good, the flow would quickly gather you up and lovingly sweep you toward the exact direction your soul wishes to go.

Surrender and flow, simply put, is activating your team of helpers and your allowing your higher self to take the lead, and to move you quickly and efficiently to where you wish to be. It is impossible to use such an empowered system and get it wrong.

It is ironic that in so many human’s desire to not get it wrong, they actually choose to sit and stagnate in a life that is not honouring them, which is the closest thing to a mistake a human can make. Your soul wants to grow, to move, to expand, to experience, to create! Your team is in place to help you do just that. You can never, ever, surrender or flow in a way that does not take you to your highest good, so dive in and allow your next grand adventure to unfold as is divinely perfect for you. ~Archangel Gabriel

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