Daily Message ~ Friday July 17, 2015

You are all capable of being very adept energetic sorters. And you are so powerful, you can do it with just your focus!

Let us think about cleaning out your closet. You take each item and decide what you would like to continue to be part of your experience, and what you wish to release by donating, recycling or discarding. Releasing simply evaluates and decides you no longer wish to have something as part of your experience. You do not continue to look at the pile of worn and outdated clothes, crying that they exist. You do not despair, wondering when the pile of worn and outdated clothes will ever end. You simply examine each item and masterfully decide what you love and wish to continue to as part of your daily existence, and what no longer serves you, and take the appropriate action.

So why not take the same approach with your life? What do you wish to magnify and continue as part of your experience? You get to choose! And if you start to become very selective about what you bless with your continued focus, you will find that your days become more and more filled with what you love. Dear Ones, it is a skill you already have. ~Archangel Gabriel

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