Daily Message ~ Friday June 3, 2016


Human beings consider those who can feel or connect with spirit to have extra sensory powers. But did you know from the vantage point of spirit those who are in the body are the ones with the extra sensory powers?

Your bodies are incredible tools to allow you to grow and evolve. They give you so much more feedback than you could ever experience if you were in spirit form. The act of eating, of crying, having a belly laugh, of petting an animal, of loving another, of getting goosebumps, of smelling something that gives you pleasure – all are experiences that are considered part of the wonder of being in the body.

The earth plane is the playland of your soul. It is how you get to experience separateness and then connection. It is how you get to experience what is not desired, followed then by what is, in a completely tangible way. It allows you to try many things, and to feel the preciousness of yourself and others. It allows you to experience your innocence, your courage, and your innate goodness, as you continue to know and define yourself.

So thank your bodies for all the opportunities they give you and take them out to play, for experience is their great gift to you. ~Archangel Gabriel

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