Daily Message ~ Friday March 15, 2013

As a human, you are masterfully transmitting your unique energy stamp to the universe, every single day. This energy holds not only the information of your life expression and level of growth, but also your belief systems and desires as well as predominant thought patterns.

Think of it as being your spark of divinity, dressed as your individual life expression, then layered with what your soul wishes to heal and experience this time around, topped with your thought patterns and belief systems. What the universe immediately recognizes and responds to is the most recent and predominant layer of thought.

Think of the ocean. There are many hidden treasures in the depths of the ocean, and many different things to see as you move through the depths, but what you immediately see and respond to is what is going on with the surface of the water.

So what is the essence you are wrapping yourself up with today? Is it joy? Is it ease? Does it match what you wish to experience? Or is it filled with fear and lack? As you start to change your emissions to a way that honours you, as you still your waters so to speak, it becomes easier to get in touch with the divinity that lies beneath at your depths. Once you can do that, Dear Ones…once you can clear the chatter and allow that divinity to shine, is when you will be truly expressing yourself as a human being of light leading the way in this brand new age. ~Archangel Gabriel

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