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Daily Message ~ Friday March 15, 2024

This message was posted on the patreon on monday. I thought it had valuable information so I thought I would share it with you today. I hope you like it!

Today we will be exploring what is really happening when we experience a sudden stop in forward movement.

I think we’ve all been there. We are feeling excited about something and sure it is the direction we should be going in. Everything seems to be coming together beautifully, and all of a sudden everything screeches to a halt, and we are left wondering, what the heck?!

There are many things that could explain why that is happening. The first is that you’ve entered into some choppy energies. Every once in a while we enter into energies that are just so full of different options or lines of potential that you pick up on one and before you know it, it has completely changed. If you find yourself in that kind of flow, it is not the time for manifestation. Stay open, but realize it is just like hitting rapids in a river. It’ll be choppy for a while, but eventually you will come out of it and get back into much smoother fast forward movement.

It could be that you haven’t quite fully arrived in the energy that is required to make your creation fully sustainable. This can happen when we are on the 4D bridge between 3D and 5D. As Gabriel so beautifully puts it, you can’t build a house on a bridge. Keep focused on your own evolution. You can’t stay in the in-betweens forever, and you will have much more clarity when you land in energies that fully support what you wish to create.

It could be that you are in the midst of an energetic download that is meant to take precedence over all other things. These times are usually recognizable as times of energetic intensity. Prioritize doing whatever the energies are calling you to do, and before you know it you will be back in action again.

You could have shifted into a lull phase. This doesn’t mean you are not in movement, it means the movement you are experiencing is behind the scenes. You could also be in a rest period in preparation for another phase of very accelerated forward movement. Trust in the flow, it has divine intelligence and is preparing you well for the next phase. The key is to stay surrendered to the phase of the flow you are in to harness whatever benefits are there for you and you will be poised and ready to embrace the next phase when the timing is perfect.

Perhaps you need to cast your net wider. You might be thinking too small, or there may be another element needed before your desire can come to fruition. Stay open and curious and allow the unfoldment to take you where it wants to go without trying to force anything or make it look any particular way.

And the last option just may be that it’s you. I know, I hate when it’s me! Have you fallen into fear and doubt? Are you trying to get a 5D result through 3D thinking? Are you in your mind instead of your heart? Are you attempting to control, force, or constrain rather than allow the unfoldment? Are you selling yourself short by insisting upon what you think is possible rather than being courageous enough to see what is actually possible? Do you keep changing your mind about what you want so often that there isn’t enough time for one potential to start to take on form? Are you forgetting to apply what you know?

If you’ve gotten yourself into a big spin of the unknowns, it’s actually a blessing you can’t manifest from there. Take time to settle. If you don’t know what you really want, that’s okay, you can wait until you have more clarity. Practice what helps you remember what you know and get in touch with your inner wise one. Ask your higher self, angels, and helpers to help lead you forward into more clarity. Use broad intentions about what you would like to experience and allow the universe to fill in the blanks for you.

It’s a challenge to try to keep our balance during such transformative times, so don’t beat yourself up if you end up having moments of fear, doubt, or confusion. We are human beings, after all! It is completely normal. Love yourself where you are and use your wisdom to remind you this is all part of the process. And the beautiful thing is, every time you make your way back to the remembrance of what you know, you drive the shift of consciousness on the planet. How wonderful that even your forgetfulness can ultimately serve the whole!


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