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Daily Message ~ Friday March 16, 2018

Dear Ones, is your trust rusty? Do you struggle to stay in the flow long enough for the magic to happen? Do you start out great with surrender and soon fall into fear and doubt?

Moving into deep, unshakeable faith and trust is usually the most challenging thing for enlightening human beings. Most of you have incredibly well developed faith – you have an absolute belief and inner knowing of the divine that exists beyond your individualized experience of self. It is not the existence of something bigger than you that you struggle with, it is the idea that something bigger not only loves you, but will lovingly and consistently show up for you.

We understand it can be hard to trust in the unseen when you are in the realm of physicality. Consciously deciding to work with spirit creates the bridge to bring you the proof you need. Start asking you guides to lead you. Ask for signs and when you receive them honour them for what they are. Ask to be shown the next steps, or for spirit to lead the way.

Be willing to accept your own worthiness and be willing to receive. Be consistent in your surrender and be willing to stick with it long enough to see where it takes you. The more you choose to consciously work with your team of unseen helpers, the more results you will see. It is with those results that you will start to tangibly experience the love and support that is always there for you, which will further deepen your trust.

Why not start to keep a trust journal? Start to actively work with spirit (this is as simple as asking with your inner voice for assistance) and write down all the signs you see. Keep track of your results. This will be very helpful to look back upon if you ever find yourself sliding back into fear and doubt. Celebrate your successes and the magic that abounds all around you! As you do you will develop your own skill of trust, both in yourself as an empowered creator, and also in a universe that adores you and wishes to assist you in all ways. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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