Daily Message ~ Friday March 17, 2017

Why not start your own surrender experiment? Simply surrender into have the most wonderful day possible and see how it goes. What will happen is sooner or later you will forget to do that, and you will quickly see how much smoother surrender days go. Treating it like an experiment also gets your ego self out of the way and into a state of cooperation.

Have fun and play with the tools of surrender and flow! What happens when you surrender into being of your highest service? When you surrender into love? When you surrender into your greatest good? Which feels best to you? You can have one grand act of surrender, or several little acts throughout the day.

Working with the next navigational tools of surrender and flow, faith and trust, doesn’t have to be complicated. See what works for you and what feels most supportive. Watch for the signs and synchronicities that lead the way and follow that supported path of least resistance.

You will find very quickly that surrender will become your preferred method of navigating life, because it is what the energies are supporting right now and how the universe delivers to you exactly what you need at any given time. Not only is it safe to surrender, it is where the magic is. ~Archangel Gabriel

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