Daily Message ~ Friday March 18, 2016

Dear Ones, we encourage you to stop right now and quickly list ten things you love about yourselves. Can you do it?

You have been so highly critical of yourselves. This is due to the way many of you have been raised, in a conditional love model that had you fighting to prove your worthiness or risk complete rejection. This made you be on high alert for anything that could be seen as wrong about yourselves. Sadly, you have taken that conditional love model and continue to apply it, rejecting yourselves the second anything could be interpreted as less than perfect.

What are you good at? What personality traits do you have that you feel good about? How do you show your love and compassion to others? How do you shine? Feel your innate goodness. Isn’t it wonderful? You are a beloved and divinely perfect individuated aspect of Source energy. How could anything ever be wrong with that?

The time has come for you to start to love, accept, and nurture yourselves so you can bloom and thrive like never before. You know encouragement is the way to help others shine. Isn’t it time to take that same wonderful support and apply to self? Isn’t it time to become completely congruent and give yourself exactly what you give others? Isn’t it time to embrace, and allow to come to the forefront, all of the delightful energetic aspects of you that only you carry and can lend to this world? ~Archangel Gabriel

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