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Daily Message ~ Friday March 22, 2019

We often talk of the importance of meditation in helping you stay balanced and to assist you with moving with the energies with the greatest amount of grace and ease possible. We would like to speak about some of the most common reasons people avoid meditation and how to address them.

The first reason people don’t meditate is because they think they don’t have enough time.  Dear Ones, even ten minutes is more than enough to add great benefit to your daily life. Your meditation process doesn’t have to be fancy or lengthy.  Simply sitting and stilling yourself with an intention to connect is really all that is required.

Some people give up their meditation practice because they feel nothing is happening. Even if it seems that nothing is occurring, it is a completely restorative practice. Your energy is adjusting. You are moving into greater and greater connection with your guides and inner wisdom. You are recharging your batteries. And you are putting action to your intentions, which is always powerful, indeed.

Many people, because they are exhausted, fall asleep while meditating. If this is a problem for you, we urge you to try to meditate earlier in the day and to do so sitting up.  This will immediately solve that problem. You could easily meditate during your lunch break at work, or even when you are taking a bathroom break. Any intended connection is hugely beneficial to you.  Incorporate it into what you already do in order to create space for it.

If you have trouble sitting still, try walking meditation. Getting into nature is a wonderful way to shift your energies and connect with your inner guidance, and your body loves being taken for a walk. Meditation doesn’t need to be a state of deep relaxation with your eyes closed. Waking state meditations can be more successful for certain people. Every one is different in terms of the level where they can easiest connect.  Being near water can also help immensely by amplifying your connection.

If you wish to see things during meditation and do not, it can be very helpful to cover your eyes. Your eye covering doesn’t need to be fancy, a small folded towel or shirt will do.  The act of covering your physical eyes sends the message to your brain to begin looking with your third eye.  It is incredibly helpful if you are wishing to improve your psychic sight.

If your mind wishes to wander during meditation, let it!  So often people are so consumed with their busy lives the mind doesn’t have a chance to wander as much as it might like to in order to discover new things.  Allow it to run if it wishes to.  By lovingly allowing it to do what it wants to do you will allow it expansion and to blow off steam.  It will eventually quiet and then you can redirect to where you would like to go. Also, allowing your imagination free reign is a wonderful practice because the imagination is the bridge to the psychic part of the mind and an essential aspect of creation. Meditation is about freedom and expansion, not constraint.

Taking the time to meditate during your day is an act of love for yourself and an act of service to others, for it helps you maintain your balance and be able to show up for others in a much more balanced and connected way. Explore the many different ways you can meditate and create your own style that matches you and your needs. What matters most is not how you meditate but that you find a method that you will find easy and pleasant to incorporate into your daily life. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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