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Daily Message ~ Friday March 24, 2023

It’s Affirmation Friday! Today’s affirmation to cap off the week of daily messages is:

I trust in the shift because the shift trusts in me.

Have a wonderful weekend!


I wanted to give you a quick update about our gofundme family. I was speaking with Sarah and she still hasn’t received a trailer here. She has received a rapid housing voucher which would help her find housing faster, but the problem is she has spent all her money and the money she has received through the gofundme on the hotel and the expense of feeding 6 kids without a kitchen, so she doesn’t have money for first and last and security deposit. This family is still in need, so if you can please do donate. Even the littlest amount is so appreciated and helpful. If you feel guided, you can donate though this link

Thank you for wanting to make a difference!


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