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Daily Message ~ Friday March 25, 2022

We spoke yesterday of the rite of passage that humans go through as they step into the role of elder. Today we would like to share that many of you are going through a similar spiritual rite of passage as find yourselves stepping up and into the role of spiritual elder.

We have spoken of the change of service many of you will experience as you flow forward into the new energies. You will continue to be wayshowers and pioneers, leading through your beingness and preference as energetic stabilizers on the planet. The heavy lifting you might have experienced as you walked in service will be left behind. We have described this in the past as moving into a form of spiritual retirement. Another way of thinking of this is stepping into the role of spiritual elder.

As elders, your path becomes simpler, smoother, and easier. You are still of profound service but it is through your embodiment, patience, and wisdom. You are the anchors of peace, the encouragers, the ones that hold the space for others to find their way.

It is a beautiful phase that honours the work that you have done and allows you much more time to simply enjoy life, harvesting the fruits of your labour. It is safe to trust this phase for you have earned it, and there are many eager newly awakening souls that are excited to fill any old service positions you have vacated. It is part of the grand shift you are participating in, and such a joy to behold! ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Shelley’s Note: If you missed my talk on Beyond the Ordinary, no worries, you can catch it on replay here:

We covered lots of ground about the energies of the new, relationships, and my new offering, Journeying Into The New. And you can hear the super cool confirmation John gave about being reparented, which is part of the journeying process that he didn’t know about but spontaneously happened anyways! It’s always such a delight to connect with John. I hope you enjoy the show as much as I did!


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