Daily Message ~ Friday March 4, 2016

Many of you are confused about how to implement self love into your lives. It is quite simple. Give yourself the same loving care and consideration you so willingly give others.

So in the midst of a very busy day, if you would insist a loved one take a break, take a break. When you make a choice for food, make a choice that you would recommend as good nourishment for another. Make sure you get fresh air, hydration, exercise and fun!

Self love does not in any way mean becoming selfish or self consumed. It simply means that you start to include yourself in the care you’ve always given others. It is bringing yourself into balance, and into the unity consciousness you are so interested in creating on your planet.

Self love, for many of you, is the final step on your enlightenment to-do list. For many of you with service contracts, it can feel odd to place the focus upon yourselves, but let us put it this way – if you were a cook, would you feed everyone else and not ever feed yourself?

Self love is, in many ways, like gathering up the last of the forgotten pieces so you can finally move forward into the newer energies like never before. Service to self is still honouring your service contract! That is why we are putting such a strong focus on it in our messages. Your self love is the most important inside job you have, and from there many new delights will be born. ~Archangel Gabriel

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