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Daily Message ~ Friday March 4, 2022

Dear Ones, there is a potential for many different truths to exist, depending upon where you are on your evolutionary journey. Let us give you an example that is easy to understand.

If you showed algebra to a child in grade 2, they would say you were silly and that everyone knows math uses numbers not letters. But to a student in high school, the use of letters in a math class makes perfect sense. Both are truths to each student. The truth simply expands and evolves as each student continues their learning.

If the high school student wished to connect with others over a love of algebra, he would not find understanding or support from the student who thought math didn’t contain letters. He would need to find his peers who are at a similar level of understanding.

But there is a common ground he can find with the younger student. They both agree that letters are used for reading, and that is a space they can happily connect in.

Do you see? There is great wisdom in seeking out your energetic peers, but also in finding the common denominator that allows you to meet people where they are. From there connection and satisfaction in relationships can always be found. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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