Daily Message ~ Friday May 19, 2017

As you work your way through the layers into the essence of who you really are, you can rediscover the innocence and purity you may have thought you had lost along the way. It is that part of you that sees the world through wonder, that is fully present, and has a curious and joyful heart.

If you are one of the enlightening human beings on the planet who is tired, who has worked hard and wonders where the fun has gone, connect to that inner part of you. Allow that innocent you to come forward, with the assurance that you know how to keep that part of you safe and loved and nurtured, and let him or her bring lightness, exploration and play back into your life.

Your innocence has much to offer you. It isn’t lost or broken, it has been patiently waiting for you to discover it is still there and acknowledge it. Isn’t it time for you to have a joyful reunion with that beautifully pure and light essence of you? ~Archangel Gabriel

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