Daily Message ~ Friday May 22, 2015

We find a great many human beings delaying their healing waiting for some kind of closure to come from another. This is such a gamble, Dear Ones! You see, the need for closure indicates that a hurt has occurred from your dealings with the other. If they were not able to keep from hurting you in the first place it is highly unlikely they will have the skill, love, or compassion necessary to create the healing you are looking for. They likely do not have the insight or ability to gift you with the closure you seek.

You are in charge of your healing. Waiting for another to give you what you need to heal is giving your power away. You do not need any external gift from another in order to give yourself permission to heal! Your own self love, your own nurturing of self, your own healthy boundaries, your own desire for wellness and wholeness, is all that is ever required to create the perfect conditions for your healing.

You can give yourself the most beautiful closure in the world by recognizing that a relationship once worked for you and now it does not. You can release the person with thanks for their role in your evolution and feel gratitude that you have grown so much that such a situation is no longer acceptable for you. The only permission you need is your own as you take on the role of your own loving guide, your own loving parent, and make decisions based on the unconditional love you deserve. Love yourselves enough to assume the responsibility for your own well-being and you will never again be controlled by the wild card of another’s behaviour. ~Archangel Gabriel

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