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Daily Message ~ Friday May 24, 2024

When you come into a vibrational range of energy, new potentials become available to you. Those new potentials are just a starting point. Understand as a co-creator you can absolutely assess those new opportunities.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Do these potentials match you vibrationally? Do they honour who you are and what you wish to achieve? Do they offer expansion and match where your soul wishes to go? If not, give gratitude for the aspects that do work for you and feel good and supportive as your feedback to the universe, and let the rest go.

You may think of your potentials as starting points for you to shape and mold into becoming your perfect matches. You do that by keeping clear focus on what your preferences are, holding your intention, being open to flowing into expansion through new suggestions from the universe, and growing what is desired through your wisdom, awareness, and appreciation. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


According to Gabriel, there are two areas that trip us up when it comes to the final stages of healing – forgiveness, and self love. Based on that and the importance of the times we are in, I have decided to put my brand new program, Forgiveness – Releasing the Ties That Bind on sale for $99 (that’s $50 off)! I’ve also decided to put my Self Love – The Most Important Element of Them All program on sale for $99, too! (That’s also $50 off). All you have to do is use the coupon code EASEANDGRACE at checkout. You can check out the full descriptions of the courses here:

Both of these courses have been instrumental in me shifting things I’d struggled with for a long time. Either one can be highly beneficial to your journey – doing both is really transformative!


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