Daily Message ~ Friday November 1, 2013

Dear Ones, love is, simply put, expansion and alignment with Source, which is ever expanding unconditional love. Love is a stream of Source energy which is available for you to step and into and use any time you choose. Some of you deny love, out of fear, which only creates more constriction, resistance and discomfort to whatever it was that made you think love was unsafe in the first place. Simply put, choosing responses of fear, denial and resistance is like placing yourself in a cage. Love supports growth and freedom. Because it is an expansion tool, wherever you allow your love to flow becomes expanded and nurtured. From that viewpoint, you could see love as a manifestation tool. What in your life needs expansion and growth? Try simply sending it love, whether it be to your own body, your human expression, to your finances, to your livelihood, to relationships with others. The act of sending love has much more power than you realize to transmute any situation. ~Archangel Gabriel

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