Daily Message ~ Friday November 28, 2014

Having a relationship end and choosing not to love again is like having a car break down and then deciding never to drive again. You are severely limiting your ability to have the satisfying experiences you crave and deserve, if you are excluding such necessary elements. Choosing to retaliate in a way that denies self is only keeping yourself in the energies that upset you in the first place, and will only perpetuate the discomfort you are trying to avoid.

If their car breaks down, a wise human honours their desire for enjoyable transportation, does their research, and buys a new car with greater reliability and more features they desire. If their relationship breaks down, a wise human honours their desire to love and be loved, and from a new place of clarity and knowledge, chooses a new relationship with greater reliability and traits that match their desires.

Do not deny yourselves, Dear Ones, even if you have a disappointment. Simply learn from your experiences and choose again, based on your new level of wisdom, for you are on the planet to love, enjoy, experience and evolve. ~Archangel Gabriel

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