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Daily Message ~ Friday October 15, 2021

Dear Ones, there are certain traits you wish to look for in leaders of any sort. They are consciousness, integrity, transparency, and trust.

Consciousness: Do they care about serving the whole? Are the empathetic? Are they compassionate? Do they practice unity consciousness or separation consciousness? Are they an energetic match with who you are? Are they present and aligned? Do they have a vision for a better world and embody those traits themselves? Do they walk their talk?

Integrity: Do they have well established morals and values? Do they talk about them or do they actually live them? Do they do the right thing, even if no one is looking? Are they consistently appropriate in their actions? A person’s level of integrity is often indicative of their level of spiritual growth.

Transparency: Are they honest? Honest people tend to be transparent. Those who are not transparent have things to hide or healing to do. Are they fully present with you or does it always feel like a smoke and mirror show?

Trust: Is the person trustworthy? Are they honest or do they contradict themselves and lie? Have they consistently treated people well? Do they have strong connections with others that are long-lasting and healthy? Do they stay true to their word? Do they look out for the highest good of all? Are they a safe, supportive person for the people around them?

As you move into the new earth, the need for conscious leadership will come to the forefront. It will be essential, not only for your politicians, but also for the CEO’s of your corporations, your teachers – anyone who has a leadership role and the ability to influence the lives of others, because if they do not hold those traits their roles will simply not be sustainable in the new energies.

While it can seem like the old still has a strong hold on your world, it is being systematically dismantled and that is why things seem very loud and chaotic at this time. Trust that the shift is well underway, and you are an integral part of anchoring the new through your own conscious awareness and your heart-centred choices. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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