Daily Message ~ Friday October 25, 2013

Many people are reluctant to enter into surrender and flow because they fear it will take them to somewhere undesirable. This will not happen. Let us tell you why.

You come into the body with your unique passions, interests and callings. You have those interests to act as your inner GPS, to help guide you to what you are here to do and to have your highest life expression. The problem is, many of you dismiss those passions as being frivolous, and go on to make choices based on duty, responsibility, and monetary gain. What brings you joy then takes a backseat, and you have sadly become farther and farther away from your true purpose. This is why so many human beings are finding themselves depressed, exhausted and far from having a life expression that honours them.

When you surrender and flow, you immediately start moving towards your highest purpose. Since the path of joy is meant to lead you to that highest purpose, committing to moving into alignment with that purpose means honouring yourself, your passions and interests, and the joy becomes part of your life expression again. Do you see? Purpose leads to joy. Joy leads to purpose. They are all contained in the flow. ~Archangel Gabriel

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