woman on rugged terrain trinity esoterics

Daily Message ~ Friday October 25, 2019

The pioneers of your planet worked from a deep state of trust, curiosity, exploration, and expansion. Even though they were often ridiculed or considered crazy, they didn’t spend time trying to get people to understand what they were doing, they simply followed their hearts and the calling of their souls. There was no map to where they were going and that was ok. It was through their explorations they created the maps for others to follow.

The same it is with the enlightenment process and this next phase of your incarnation. It does not matter if others don’t understand where your heart is calling you to go, it only matters that you trust enough to follow it, for what you discover serves your soul, your purpose, and your entire planet. More than ever before it is time to embrace being the empowered expert on you. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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