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Daily Message ~ Friday October 27, 2017

Dear Ones, as you continue along your enlightenment journey, it is very common to find your meditations getting lighter and lighter – that is to say, your meditative state begins to become much closer to your waking state. That is part of a natural progression.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with deep meditation, in fact, it can be a welcome break from your busy lives. But it is also delightful when your meditative state becomes close to your waking state. It is telling you that the two states are merging, and are far more accessible to you in your day to day life.

Many of you will get to the place where your days become more of a waking meditation, being able to access that support and alignment all day long. So if your meditations have become lighter, do not think there is something wrong! It is just an indicator of the work you have done, and the embodiment you are stepping into, and that is a wonderful thing, indeed! ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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