hands reaching toward light trinity esoterics

Daily Message ~ Friday October 5, 2018

Dear Ones, faith and trust are the antidotes to fear and doubt. The more you nurture your faith and trust, the more peace, comfort, and acceptance you can anchor into your experience, and from there hold the space and be of service.

As you go along your enlightenment journey you will have times when you step out of your faith and trust but you will always find your way back home to that centre, time and again.  You will discover those times become fewer and fewer until you no longer have to leave that base in order to come back and rediscover it. You will have integrated the energies to the point where they are your solid base, your foundation, and the place you operate from. Faith and trust will become a natural part of your beingness.

So be easy with yourselves and understand that like everything else, the anchoring of faith and trust is an energetic process. The more you leave it and come back, the more it will become your preference. This is all part of your evolution and mastery, and part of your embodiment process as you come Home to yourself. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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