Daily Message ~ Friday September 4, 2015

Dear Ones, we invite you to stop right now and ask yourselves what in your lives do you expect to be hard? Do you believe it will be hard to find love? Hard to heal? Hard to enlighten? Hard to pay your bills?

We invite you to take the opportunity to re-examine and clean up your expectations. Why on earth do you expect things to be difficult? Because they were before? Then you’ve already had the experience of difficulty. There is no need to perpetuate it.

You are all doing such a marvellous job of stepping into being conscious creators! Allow yourselves to truly be aware of all of your expectations, and adjust them to reflect the far more empowered person you are today than when that experience first entered your life. You are infinitely powerful to create above and beyond any old fears and patterns, as long as you have the wisdom to recognize how you are limiting yourself, and are willing to make room for far greater results than ever before. ~Archangel Gabriel

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