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Daily Message ~ Friday September 7, 2018

We were recently asked, “How do you handle competitive people when they want to compete against you and it triggers you?”  We would like to address this today.

As you continue along your enlightenment journey, you will notice a deepening divide in how you create for yourselves compared to how others who may still be in 3D attempt to create for themselves. Those who still operate from 3D view the world as having a limited amount of what they seek. This will cause them to fight mightily for what they desire, and use all kinds of tactics to achieve it. This is, at its core, driven by a fear of there not being enough to go around, of seeing only through the eyes of success or failure, win or lose,  and looking for an external to make them whole. It is trying to find success from old energy approaches that are not nearly as supported as before, which adds to the intensity of their actions. They also must approach from a place of separation (making the opponents the enemy) in order to support their agenda.

Those who are creating from a more evolved space find their success from shining their authentic selves and knowing that whatever matches their energy, and their purpose, will naturally align with them. It is a calmer, actuated approach, because you do not fear lack. There is no need to make the other person the enemy because you know there is more than enough for everyone, and if this isn’t your match something else is. The contest becomes a means of self expression, of being rather than doing, of valuing the experience because you know whatever the outcome is, it moves you closer to your ideal situation and your highest purpose.

When you are triggered, it is because you are feeling like you need to sink to that same level to have a chance, but you know you can’t because you don’t play in those energies anymore. It may also be an opportunity for you to release old wounds where you were treated unfairly, were victimized, weren’t seen for who you really are, felt powerless, or otherwise dismissed. A moment of simple acknowledgment of those feelings and a willingness to label them and let them leave is all that is required.

So how do you handle a situation where you are trying to stay in higher energies while others are still playing in the old energies?  By understanding they are simply operating from the only system they know and that it is not personal. By knowing that there is nothing more powerful as a co-creation tool than you simply operating from your alignment, truth, beingness, and best intentions. By seeing it as an opportunity to express who you truly are, and to do things in new empowered ways. It is choosing to stay on an energetic layer that will support your ultimate success. And if your competitor does win over you it simply means that it was not your highest energetic match and that the universe, and your soul,  has something much better in mind for you. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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