Daily Message ~ Friday September 9, 2016


Dear Ones, if you are experiencing discomfort in your life, these are the possible causes and remedies.

If you are in deep pain, the likely cause is resistance. Your soul is always seeking to grow and evolve. Resistance to that growth will only create discomfort. The purpose of the discomfort is to make it impossible to stay in the resistant place. The remedy for this is to surrender.

If you are having a feeling of anxiety and fear from being in an accelerated flow, the cause of that is not having trust that it will all turn out alright and that you are safe. Faith is the belief in a higher being. Trust is the unshakeable belief that that higher being has a plan and will keep you safe. The remedy for this is to connect with your higher being and feel their constant love and support. Trust is what keeps you in the flow long enough for the magic to happen. Faith and trust work together to create acceptance. Acceptance brings peace, which is the opposite of anxiety and fear.

If you are frustrated that you cannot create what it is you would like, the cause is often a lack of gratitude. Gratitude, simply put, is positive focus. It is through your positive focus that you can navigate beyond the perpetuation of what is unwanted. Negative focus is active resistance. Gratitude creates willing forward movement towards more of what is desired. It is your feedback to the universe and your steering wheel of the flow. It also allows you to become comfortably present with your Now moment.

If you do not know what to do in your life or how to proceed, we cannot stress enough the power of surrender. It is your entry point to the flow, and your permission slip for the universe to guide and assist you. It is the way you can make the greatest progress in the shortest amount of time in the most empowered way possible.

All of these tools are available for you to use whenever you like. They are essential elements and have immeasurable value for the enlightening human being to start creating with far greater grace and ease than ever before. ~Archangel Gabriel

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