Daily Message ~ Monday April 15, 2013

When you embrace the flow of the universe, you automatically are aligned to give to others, and also to receive.  The flow will take you seamlessly to those opportunities.  It takes the guess work out of how to navigate your life expression because when you are embracing the flow, you are working with the universe and are assured that everything that presents is for your highest good.  So, if you have issues with receiving from others, and the flow brings you something, instead of resisting, why not accept, open-heartedly?  If the flow brings you to someone in need, why not give open-heartedly? You see, the flow will always keep you in the balance and appropriateness that many of you seek and have trouble finding.  By embracing the movement, as it presents, you become an instrument of the universe, and will experience many opportunities to both give and receive.  Surrendering to that movement supports mindful service, Dear Ones, and it is one of the great gifts of the flow. ~Archangel Gabriel

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