Daily Message ~ Monday April 17, 2017

Dear Ones, are all of your parts supporting what you wish to create? Are you congruent? Do your actions match your words? Do you do all the things you can to move you forward?

We would like you to examine a desire you have and ask yourself, do you do all of the things you can to support the creation of that dream? Or do you immediately think of reasons why that dream cannot be?

Watch for the word “but”. Everything that follows it is an indication of a self imposed limitation. If there is an aspect you cannot think of how to move beyond, we advise you surrender it to your team of guides and helpers to resolve, and then stop letting it be part of your narrative.

So many of you are so close to everything breaking through for you, all that is required is to gather up and release the last bit of resistance – those final limiting beliefs – that are slowing your movement, and truly enter into the forward flow of co-creation. It is safe, it is possible, and you are ready. ~Archangel Gabriel

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