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Daily Message ~ Monday April 22, 2019

We were recently asked by someone how they could be more loving toward their husband. They were not happy with how they were treating their partner, and wished to shift it.  This is a common experience within relationships and we wished to discuss this today.

You cannot force yourself to be more loving if you do not feel loving. You cannot find a space of flow from the energy of resistance. You must add in another element that you are not resistant to.  In the case of being more loving, we suggest you take your focus off love and put it on appreciation.

Simply focus on appreciating your partner.  Look for the things you are grateful for that they do or say. Consciously choose to observe them, with an eye toward their wonderful traits.  What are they good at? Think about all the ways their presence adds to your life.

If you do that, something magical will happen.  Your love will suddenly begin to flow because you will have moved yourself into a space of non-resistance to them. You simply cannot appreciate something and resist it at the same time.  Your appreciation will shift you into a heart space of love and acceptance, and from there you will connect with them in the loving way your soul has been wanting to do all along. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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