Daily Message ~ Monday April 24, 2017

Dear Ones, many of you have been on a consistent journey of releasing for quite some time. You have let go of impressive amounts of old wounds, fears, conditioning, and templating. So why are some of the old themes coming back up yet again? Because you are ready to release the habit of having that issue.

You see, when you have been working on the healing of a specific theme, in some cases for many lifetimes, you become accustomed to having that theme as part of your energetics. You have, in many ways, identified with that core wound, much like a student identifies with a major course of study in university.

Because you are ascending, graduating if you will, from that course of study, you can now let the theme go without the fear of missing something. You can rest assured that the work is done, and trust that through surrender and flow if there is any energetic tweaking to be done it will come into your awareness. There is no longer a need to identify with anything less than your whole, healed, divine self.

Do you see? True healing means accepting that healing has been assimilated. If you broke your ankle, eventually you would allow the cast to come off and would consider the healing complete. You would detach from the story of the broken ankle.

How do you know when you have completed a theme or a healing cycle? When there is no longer a strong emotional charge around the topic. When it comes up and you think, “really, that again?” without the despair or fear of looking at it.

It is quite simple, Dear Ones – when you reach the end of a theme of healing, or what you might call a timeline, you can simply consider it done and step onto another line of potential that no longer holds that theme, that allows you to experience the joy of the new state of wholeness you are embracing. You can simply release the habit of that story as the final act of a job well done, and look forward to new potentials that are available for you to explore. ~Archangel Gabriel

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