Daily Message ~ Monday April 27, 2015

Have you noticed there is much less fun in your life as you get older? That’s a sign that your inner child has been left behind! Go find that little you and pay attention to what he or she needs. Perhaps it is just some love. It could be rest. It could be play. It could be getting dirty, or silly, or creating something, but let us assure you, as you reconnect and integrate that part of yourself the fun, the joy, the wonder, the magic you’ve been missing will become part of your day to day life.

You will also experience yourself feeling more whole and settled, because many of you have been denying and missing this very vital part of self. In fact, you might be surprised to see that reconnecting and embracing your inner child is all it takes to heal those old abandonment issues once and for all!

It is time to love and include every last part of yourselves, Dear Ones, because every bit of you is sacred and vital to your journey. ~Archangel Gabriel

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