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Daily Message ~ Monday April 30, 2018

We cannot stress enough the immense power of experience in your lives. As you move forward as the empowered creator in your own life expression, you will support your freedom and expansion best by releasing the attachment to result and seeing that experience has immense value for you.

So if you try something and it turns out to be less than what you had hoped, rather than feeling like you have failed or feeling angry or resistant, we highly recommend you start to ask the following questions: “What value did I receive from this experience? What clarity do I now have that I didn’t have before? How did this further refine my preferences? What aspects will I take forward with me and what will I leave behind? How did this serve my expansion? How did this add to my wisdom?” These questions will very quickly allow you to see how your experience has served you well, both for your present and your future.

Playing in the energies of the unknown is much like being presented a platter of samples. You get to try whatever you think might appeal to you, decide what you like, what you would pass on next time, and what you absolutely love. If you can simply honour the purpose of experience, and anchor in what you would like to continue with the feedback tool of gratitude, you will move forward with far greater courage and curiosity which will allow you to make so many valuable discoveries. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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