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Daily Message ~ Monday August 14, 2023

It’s Metaphysical Monday. Today I’d like to talk about the current energies.

These energies are really freakin intense! By now most of us have developed some level of skill in moving with the energies. You pretty much have to learn how to do that if you are going to keep any semblance of sanity. But the last week has really been next level, so I thought I’d discuss what I’ve been feeling and what seems to help.

Symptoms I’ve been experiencing:

Bouts of fatigue where I just have to lie down, usually in the afternoon. Interestingly, if I listen to my body it turns out it didn’t even need a nap, just a little rest. This is not the time for powering through.

Deep, long sleeps. These deep sleeps are integral to some energetic downloads and are so sweet and luxurious feeling. (I know a lot of us have struggled with being able to sleep, but I’m not experiencing that in this latest round of energies.)

Being hungrier than usual, often hitting late evening or in the middle of the night. The energies we are integrating are requiring a lot of energy, so listen to what your body is asking for and give it what it wants. This won’t last for long.

Super loud ringing in the ears.

Vivid dreams.

Trouble meditating.

A feeling of the ground moving underneath you. It’s almost like a wave of dizziness but not quite. And it doesn’t last long. This tells me there’s a change to the magnetics happening on the planet.

My dogs aren’t themselves.


Dehydration. (Extra, extra, extra important to get adequate hydration when you add this to the heat so many of us are experiencing.)

Moments of overwhelm and feeling like what’s the point.

Moments of beauty and appreciation.

Feeling the need to organize and clean out your living space.

Having NO idea where you are going or what you are supposed to do, yet feeling something very big is about to break through.

And so much more….

There are so many swings happening it’s enough to make you think you are losing your mind. But you are not. We were born for this.

So what helps? Getting out in nature. Submersing yourself in salt water. Quiet activities that are soothing to your soul. Focusing on supporting your human self. And looking for the good in the phase you are in.

The good you ask? Physical symptoms don’t generally last long and they are proof positive that we are going through the shift. All of what we are going through is helping us develop the skills we need in order to operate in the higher energies. And Gabriel repeatedly tells me that not knowing where you are going is the most powerful place you can be, because you won’t be constraining your possibilities with expectations and will give yourself permission to simply be curious and exploratory.

And honestly the only way to navigate your life in an empowered way, no matter what the energies are doing, is to simply make your highest choice one now moment at a time, and I know that is something that we can all refocus and do. Sending you big love and lots of encouragement as we go through this together!

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