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Daily Message ~ Monday August 28, 2023

It’s Metaphysical Monday! Today we will be discussing weight gain and the spiritual journey.

I often hear from people who want to know how they are doing everything right and still can’t seem to drop any excess pounds they are carrying. This is what I have learned from Gabriel on this topic along the way…

Filtering energy. Sometimes enlightening human beings will carry more weight if they are using their body as energetic filters. A larger body will give more area to allow you to run energy through. If you feel you are in service to the earth and this may be what is going on with you, I highly recommend you start a daily energetic clarity practice that will allow light to do the filtering rather than running it through your own body.

A good one is to simply imagine a golden spark, in your centre, wherever you think your centre is, and imagine it growing and growing until it expands well beyond your physical body in all directions and you are now encircled with beautiful golden sparkling light. It is especially important to make sure you see the light going well into the ground under your feet. This way the light will do the filtering. By shifting into this practice, you will find it easier to lose weight if that is why you were carrying the extra pounds.

On the topic of your energetic practices, do you ground yourself regularly? If you are not in the habit of grounding, you may start to hold onto more weight as a grounding mechanism. You can simply imagine there are roots from your feet that go several feet into the ground underneath you. Feel yourself connecting to the earth and also feel the earth connecting to you. (Gabriel recommends not going deep into the earth because you are where you are on the planet for a reason. Just a few feet will do.) Or as Lauren Gorgo recommends, simply imagine your feet are magnetic and stick you onto the planet. Walking outside in your bare feet with the intention of connecting with the earth will work well, too. It doesn’t have to be a complicated process.

Self protection. You may also be carrying extra weight to act as a barrier between you and another person/people. You may wish to explore why you are continuing this relationship if you feel you need to protect yourself from another. If getting out of the situation is not possible at this time, doing the light technique outlined above will help, but this time use pearly white light. Ask the angels to put the person/people that are problematic in their own bubbles of pearly white light, as well. This can be very effective in getting people to simply stay in their own energies, making the extra weight you use as a barrier unnecessary.

Sometimes integrating new energies can cause bloating aka buddha belly. This usually passes fairly quickly.

Diet. A lot of people get drawn to trying a new diet, which works well initially and then stops working. This is because your body and its energetic needs will change with the shifting energies. The best way to honour the body is to practice inclusion rather than exclusion with your food. It’s a small shift in focus but it can be powerful. Simply ask your body what it needs in that moment and lovingly give it to it. When it knows it will get what it needs all the time, it will stop hoarding energy to use in the form of extra weight.

Movement. Now is not the time to be ignoring your body and powering through. If it needs rest, let it rest. But bodies in general like to move. What kind of movement does your body crave today? Just like your diet, listen to your body and be willing to let it take the lead.

Self love. Self love can be one of the most important things you can do to allow yourself to lose weight. As we outlined before, you will hold onto weight if you feel you need to protect yourself from someone else’s energy. If you are constantly thinking mean and judgemental thoughts toward your body and your appearance, you will hold onto weight as a form of protection from yourself! Becoming a safe and loving person for yourself is key to allow your body to shift into its perfect expression of self.

I’ve noticed myself being extra hungry lately. I’m hearing it from a lot of my friends and clients, too. I’m also noticing the same with fatigue. That tells me that the shifting we are doing is requiring a lot of energy. If you are legitimately hungry, please allow yourself to eat. It will get burned up quickly under the demands you body is currently going through.

And if you are craving a specific food, please give it to yourself. It is much like being pregnant. If you are craving something it is because your body requires some nutrient contained within that food. For example, your brain requires simple sugar to rewire. If you are denying eating it because you’ve been taught sugar is bad, you will make the process much more difficult than it needs to be.

Personally, I haven’t figured out just yet what my body is doing with it, but I will go through certain phases where my body really wants popcorn. I’ll go on a popcorn kick for a bit and then I could care less about it. (Yes, I make sure it’s non gmo.) I just trust my body knows what it is doing.

You can always tell if you are making a conscious choice because your body is truly hungry and asking for something it needs, or an unconscious choice based on unhealthy habits that are not in line with what you truly want. If you are unsure you can also get into meditation and ask your body directly what it needs from you.

Employing all of the above will allow you to create a safe and loving environment for the monumental job your body is doing as it continues to move through your embodiment process. If you are reading this you are absolutely ready to step into more mastery with your habits and your body to help guide it through this shift with much greater grace and ease.




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