Daily Message ~ Monday August 29, 2016


Many of you are confused about how you can have certain things in your lives be predestined and yet we encourage you to be empowered co-creators. How can that be?

Before you come into the body you select many major events or themes you wish to experience. These would include choosing who your parents are, who you wish to have important relationships with, where you will live, your natural talents, interests, and traits, and certain areas you wish to gain a deeper experience and mastery of.

Think of it like having certain presets, or a template that holds certain key elements. Everything else is fully customizable! You can add to it in whatever interesting and delightful ways you like.

That is your life, Dear Ones. Even though you have certain things on your to-do list, everything else is completely up to you. You get to make it as fabulous and unique as you are, and if you get tired of it looking one way, you can absolutely switch it up to better match your preferences. That is the joy of expansion and creation – the potentials and possibilities are endless, and you are free to express yourself however you like because the major elements have already been taken care of by you. ~Archangel Gabriel

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