Daily Message ~ Monday August 4, 2014

Imagine that you have been digging for diamonds at a long abandoned mine. You know, deep in your heart that the diamonds are there, but you aren’t sure how long it is going to take you to move all the debris that stands between you and the diamonds.

You are hot when you dig for diamonds, and other times you are cold. You get tired while you dig, and other times you are energized. Digging for diamonds sometimes makes you ravenous! You meet other wonderful souls along the way who are also digging for diamonds in their own mines. Some people give up, some people need to take a break, some people complain the whole time, but you keep on going because it is a mission you simply cannot walk away from.

And suddenly, the digging starts to pay off! You can see how far you have come. You start to find little diamonds, and you know you are oh, so close. And finally, after one last monumental push, you find the cavern that is filled with all the shimmering glory you dreamed of and more. And you know that all the effort was worth it, and you forget all about the discomfort and simply celebrate and wonder at all you have accomplished.

Do you see? Your ascension is the same! All the work will be a faded memory, once you are fully embracing the glory of the chamber of your heart centre! Your life will be so rich, so fulfilled, that you will know that you would do it all over again in an instant because where you arrive is so worth it. Further, you and all the others you met along your way will be demonstrating how anyone can find their own way to their own inner riches. You all will finally understand that all of the blessings and abundance you could ever need have been right inside of you all along. ~Archangel Gabriel

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